Official N3rdGames Whitepaper - Last Updated August 2022
Welcome to N3rdGames!
Tired of boring Play-to-Earn games? Web3 games where you have to spend hundreds of dollars before you get any reward? Or simply video games where you spend time and money for nothing at all?
N3rdGames is the first Web3 Free-To-Earn gaming platform where you can win up to 500,000$ without spending a single dollar... playing the games of your childhood and your future!
Bet against your friends or other players in 1VS1, Tournament, and Battle Royale games, or play against the computer to achieve the highest rank or perfect score.
Receive random or achievement-based rewards and unlock new features and great customization tools in the Marketplace.
Explore our metaverse to find your friends, compete against them in mini-games, or even attend special events in partnership with top brands.
Are you ready to meet up with Nerd and his friends and try to become the greatest gamer of all time? Enter the Rift to find out...
Last modified 1yr ago